Saturday, November 24, 2007

Facebook for the rest of us

So the gold rush is apparently on... what applications can we build on the FB platform to achieve fame, profit and glory? Must one serve the young consumer market to succeed or is there a way to tap into the growing membership of adults with interests beyond parties and throwing sheep?

I hear other adults talking in hushed tones about using FB, despite our advanced age of 30+, and i've been checking it out myself for about 6 months now.

Conclusions thus far: it's fun! I'm sharing pictures with my friends and playing scrabble with old college buddies now far removed, and following the Twitters of friends and even family displaced by the recent fires in SoCal.

My big questions about crossing the chasm into the business-use realm:
  • Can this be useful, and not just fun/interesting, for people/companies who want to serve a business need?

  • If there's a useful app out there for business users will they expose their profile to business colleagues in order to enable the app?

  • Will we end up with 2 profiles each - one 'personal' and one 'business' - to avoid the above problem?

  • Perhaps the tools themselves will allow us to have one profile but bifurcate our selves into fun-lover versus professional for the purposes of who sees what?

More questions than answers, but given the amount of press that Facebook is receiving I believe we will see our answers quickly.

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